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Importance of Having a Water Softener at Home

Water softeners, sometimes called water conditioners, protect your home from hard water build-up. 

Hard water is real, and you need a water softener to resolve the problem. So, why do you require water conditioning or softening? Water may be hard when it includes lots of magnesium, calcium, and lots of other minerals.

These substances may be obtained by groundwater from the surrounding rock and soil. When those minerals rush out of hard water, this will lead them to become a “scale,” which accumulates on water heater, pipes, and some other water processing machinery or appliances. Once this sticks to your pipes, it may lessen the flow, causing your plumbing system to clog.

Scale is also considered a poor heat conductor, which might affect your water heater. This could reduce the ability of soap to lather in the laundry or in the shower. In other cases, this reacts to soap, which forms the sticky scum leaving your skin feeling dirty all day.

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Water Softening vs. Water Purification

The process of water softening is different than water purification. What’s more, hard water is not dangerous to humans. However, a water purifier may cleanse contaminated water that normally contains minerals and chloramines or chlorine, which kills bacteria.

When mixed with water, these elements can be dangerous. Get your free water test for potentially dangerous minerals and bacteria today. 

There are ways to avoid hard water in your pipes. A water conditioning system or water softener can treat hard water to protect you and your home. Learn more about how a water softener works

Water SoftenerWater Softener

One way is through installing a water softener. In this process, the water passes through a bed of resin to treat it. Resin binds and absorbs metal ions. With a water softener, you can make sure that the hard water minerals are removed, leaving you with clean and fresh water for your home. Learn more about hard water and the advantages of a water softener

At Charles Moon Plumbing, we know just what it takes to conduct a water softening process, so you can depend on our water softening services. Just like with all of our other plumbing services, we ensure to provide you with efficiency and dependability through the expertise and knowledge of our plumbing technicians.

You can guarantee that our plumbers will execute the right and appropriate steps towards providing you with clean and soft water free of any troublesome elements.

For resolving any of your plumbing issues, consider our services at Charles Moon Plumbing. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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