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Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Everyone definitely deserves a comfortable, safe and warm home. So, what if your water heater breaks? This comfort and warmth that you need might be hard to attain. In this case, it is essential to have the right company that you can trust at hand to execute the water heater repair and replacement service you may need. At Charles Moon Plumbing, we will deliver you the most dependable and effective repair service needed on your water heater.

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What Is A Water Heater?

Water heating is the system that involves warming and disseminating water all through the establishment to showers, washing machines, dishwashers, baths and sinks. The water heater is the unit where water is stored and heated for your use. This device basically utilizes fossil fuels or electricity for warming the water. When it is heated, the water is transferred throughout the building or home. In other buildings, water heaters may be used as space heaters. This type of heating utilizes a system of minute pipes installed onto the flooring. Heated water may also have a number of applications within manufacturing and other industries.

Tankless water heater RUC90i_straightThere are two different types of water heaters:

Storage Water Heater

This is a domestic form of water heating appliance that stores hot water inside of a long coil inside of large tank until the water is needed. Traditional storage water heaters employ a range of fuels that include propane, electricity, natural gas, electricity. Call us today to schedule maintenance or installation on a storage water heater in your home. 

Tankless Water Heater

Opposite of storage is a tank-less water heater. This unit does not need any vessel for heating water. It is also known as Demand or Instantaneous Water Heaters. Tankless units provide hot water only when it is required. Learn more about our Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Looking for a professional to install a tankless unit in home? We provide tankless water heater installations all over Delmarva! Give us a call!

What Breaks a Water Heater?

Charles Moon Plumbing TechnicianWith regular maintenance and cleaning, water heaters should work well for faucets and household appliances. However, over time, it may be inevitable that yours will break. Some of the reasons it may break include the following:

  • Disconnected Gas Or Power
  • Mineral Scale Accumulation
  • Temperature Pressure Relief Valve Issues

Other issues that may cause your unit to break include problems with the gasket of the heating element, vent obstructions, thermocouple problems, or a wobbly drain valve. With these issues, a professional is required to fix them.

Turn to Charles Moon Plumbing.  So, whenever you experience a problem with your water heater, always make sure to consider professional plumbing services. Contact us to schedule your plumbing appointment today.

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