Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you require a complete or partial kitchen or bathroom remodel, you can depend on Charles Moon. We have you covered for your remodels and general plumbing needs in Delaware.

Make Old Homes Feel New

If your plumbing system is quite old and requires some repairs, we can save you money and time. Consider performing an inclusive plumbing remodel of the whole system.

No matter what your remodeling requirements might be, our reliable expert technicians are always ready to help.

We provide you an extensive range of plumbing fixtures for you to choose. Also, we can recommend fixtures to update the appearance and functionality of your kitchen and bathroom.

Our professional plumbing technicians may offer you with dependable kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Delaware. We will update your old plumbing, replace and remove pipes, move plumbing components, and more.

Remodeled bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel is exciting and costly. Remodeling your bathroom can transform your home. Whether you’re just updating an old bathroom or looking to create a spa in your home, our plumbers can help. 

For a luxury experience without the heavy costs, consider installing heated floors in your bathroom. You might actually save money in the long run!

Our skilled plumbers replace and install all kinds of bathroom fixtures including:

  • showers,
  • bathtubs,
  • drains or faucets,
  • water heaters,
  • toilets,
  • sinks,
  • and more. 

For help with your bathroom remodel, take a look at our bathroom remodel guides:

Kitchen Remodeling 

A kitchen remodel is a big step. You can attempt to DIY the project, but you might end up with a catastrophe and wasting a lot of money. Save money from the beginning by hiring an expert plumber to assist.

The plumbers at Charles Moon Plumbing can replace and install a variety of appliances and fixtures such as:

  • stoves or ovens,
  • faucets or sinks,
  • refrigerator,
  • dishwashers,
  • garbage disposals
  • and more.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, don’t hesitate to call. Our expert Delaware plumbers can do the job for you.

Faucet Installation

Whether you are looking for a large remodel or just replace the faucets on your appliances, our plumbers can help. We assist you in selecting and installing the finest faucets for your place. We will help ensure that the faucet you choose is high quality and long-lasting.

Also, our technicians are experts on disc, cartridge, ball, and compression faucets. They can repair, install, and maintain all kinds of faucets and bathroom fixtures. Call Charles Moon for leak detection in your southern Delaware home.

Bathtub Installation

When working with large plumbing appliances like bathtubs, it is vital to be very careful so as not to damage the flooring, walls, or tub itself. At Charles Moon, we cautiously install and replace all kinds of bathtubs, such as whirlpool, recessed, and freestanding, among others. Our professional plumbers in Millsboro and Lewes will take care of your home.

Charles Moon Plumbing provides services like:

  • sink installation,
  • garbage disposal installation,
  • plumbing systems,
  • pressure regulators,
  • under sink drains,
  • kitchen drains,
  • and more!

Ask us for our professional bathroom remodel recommendations such as: 

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your appointment today. Don’t forget to read our Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Resource first.

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