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Heated flooring for bathroom

Waking up and going to work in the winter is hard enough without having to deal with freezing cold bathroom floors. With Central Air, the heat rises to the ceiling meaning your exposed feet are freezing. The solution? Heated floors.

What You Need to Know About Heated Flooring

Radiant heated floors create the heat beneath your floors meaning your feet are nice and toasty every morning. The heat from the floors will radiate upwards meaning your heated floors could heat your entire room. Consider adding heated floors when you plan your next bathroom remodel.

Heated Cables and Tubing

If your bathroom floor is always freezing, consider installing heating cables or tubing beneath your tiles. The heated cables will use electricity to heat a single line beneath your tiles whereas the tubing runs heated water under your tiles.

With heated cables or tubing, you can control the heat with an electronic unit, but you will need an electrician and expert tile layer to work together to install the heated flooring. You can run heated cables or tubing throughout your entire home for heated floors in every room.

Heated Floor Mats

A cheaper alternative to heated cables and tubing in your bathroom or throughout your entire home would be heated floor mats. These special mats are installed below your tile and connected like puzzles pieces.

These floor mats are easier to install than heated tubing and cabling. In fact, nearly anyone could DIY install heated floor mats. Heated floor mats are less efficient though and may not last as long as professionally installed heated floors.

Pricing Heated Floors

Depending on the type of heated flooring you want to install and where you are installing it, you could be looking at anywhere from $5 per square foot to $20 per square foot. Ask at the hardware store for heated flooring to begin pricing your own.

You can also hire a professional contractor through Charles Moon Plumbing to help with planning, designing, and executing your bathroom remodel. Remember, after installing heated floors, you will need to install new flooring. Consider that when budgeting your bathroom remodel. For more help with your bathroom remodel, read our Complete Bathroom Remodel Resource.

Contact Charles Moon Plumbing Today

If you’re ready to make the jump for heated flooring with your next bathroom remodel, contact Charles Moon Plumbing today for a free estimate. Dial 302-732-3555 to start your project.